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The Team

It is always important to recognize the people that form part of the day-to-day operations of a Company, and Pixzelle Studio is no exception. For some, this topic might not seem very relevant, but to me it is very significant. Let’s be honest, the team focused on delivering the best and most innovative mobile apps on the market is often not recognized at all.

This is why, after five years, I have chosen to stray from my usual posts hightlighting technological subjects that promote our services and skills. The subject of today’s post is equally important. I would like to dedicate it to acknowledging and celebrating the Pixzelle team. A team I am very proud to form part of. A team that is becoming stronger every day.

Without further ado, this is the great Pixzelle team:



Octavio (Octis): Lover of the Smashing Pumpkins and unusual food. This prodigious UI/UX designer from San Luis Potosí has the attitude and impetus to design visually appealing mobile apps, and he supports the team with all kinds of graphic design. From now on, we have been asked to refer to him as the UX Ninja.


Yessica (Yess): Music lover, and great fan of the Beatles and classical. As our only female developer, she is in command of a few of the company’s most complex applications. One of the major challenges she has had with Pixzelle has been to work in the “surreal” world of ARKit. This explains why she often loses touch with time and days.


Diego (Dieguez): Faithful follower of the best team in Mexico (which I cannot name to avoid controversies, but will say I agree with him entirely). He is always on time and in search of new potential for Android operating systems. Always willing to take on new challenges, Diego is the oldest member of our team; he learned to program about the same time as he learned to walk.


Rich (Richie): The bearded boy with exclusive (or peculiar) taste in food is in charge of all the projects and project deadlines. Responsible for making every one of our clients happy, he accompanies the production cycle of each project developed in Pixzelle Studio. Patient almost to a flaw, this is Rich, lover of Spiderman and the universe surrounding him. 


José Alejandro (Alex): Lover of popcorn and a good movie and bicycle enthusiast, Alex is the committed leader of iOS development around here. He has an eye for detail in his projects, and is generally the most serious amongst us, until you earn his trust. Tip: if he draws you for a gift exchange, be prepared. His gift will be a total disappointment.


Rodolfo (Rudy): He will be irritated at life itself until he gets his hands on the latest Nintendo game. He is the leader of Android development, and motivates his team to deliver the best the operating system has to offer. He is always up-to-date on the latest technology developed by Google, and deals with the multiple resolutions, brands and features the system offers.


Erika: Our mother. Always looking out for every single detail within the company, she makes sure the numbers square and increase steadily. She is passionate about what she does, and makes us stronger every day by preparing us for anything that might come up. In love with felines, she always comes up with the perfect solution to any problem you have.


Alexis: Part of the iOS team, he is an expert at the brand with an apple, and the one we look to when we need to resolve any one of the puzzles the operating system presents us with. He is always on top of all the projects he is responsible for, and plays a key support role in the development team. In search of challenges and new adventures, he is inseparable from his scooter. Alexis, the second-last to join the pack, lover of bets and video games.


Itzia: The Zen girl, she will listen to you and speak to with upmost calm even if the office is on fire. She supports us with one of the most complicated tasks: making sure that everything is running smoothly at the office so everyone can do their job. Not to mention, there wouldn’t ever be any coffee without her. Her greatest love is the band Café Tacuba.



Moises (Moi): The latest addition to the fold. He enthusiastically joined the ship, and he is full of energy. From Guadalajara, he loves skating, and is learning our Chilanga ways, the weird food we eat, and the beauty of the traffic that surrounds us Mexico City dwellers.


That is the team. Much more than that, it is the Pixzelle Studio family. And everyone knows what happens if you mess with family….

If you are reading this, we would like to wish you the best for 2019, as well as express our gratitude for the trust you put in our work.


Happy Holidays!

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