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Why should you have an app for your business?


You may have heard that apps are in, and that every business should have one. But do you really know why a mobile application can be so valuable for a business or organization? 


There has been an extreme increase of people that own smartphones. Thanks to this trend, it is easier to tackle daily tasks. From simple things like using a calculator, entertainment, or more complex transactions like mobile banking, and augmented reality, smartphones improve communication and efficiency. 


Let’s take a look of some of the advantages of having a mobile application in the world of business: 



Your customers are connected to their mobile devices 24/7. Using an app, they can consult and purchase your products, receive news, get information, or use your app for socializing or entertainment anytime and anywhere they wish.



Your costumers will love to install and use your app. If they like it, they will inspire others to use it as well. The simple act of having an app speaks well of your company. Spreading the news on social media, on your website or by word of mouth will strengthen your brand.



When your users download your app, you will be present in their day-to-day lives, which gives you the advantage of never-before seen presence in the digital age.



Like an e-commerce shop, you can use your app to monitor your inventory, offer exclusive deals, and showcase your products. Your customers will be able to complete purchases anytime, anywhere.



One app can have several functions. This is a great benefit to your company, as you can streamline many functions into one channel. For example, an app can host a chatting platform, an online shop, maps, electronic signatures, educational texts, photographs, data bases, etc. 



An App is scalable. Your project may begin as something very simple. Starting with one function, additional functions can be added to meet your needs. Releasing more and better functions will please your users and maintain a sense of novelty. Not to mention, it extends the life of your app.



As we already mentioned, the experience of an app is reflected in how satisfied the end user is. Ideally, an app will improve their quality of life by decreasing wait times, leaving them with more time to enjoy their life. This reflects well on your brand.



Having such a fast channel for communicating with your customers, will keep them up-to-date on news and promotions, which can increase sales and profits.



By using push notifications, you can send promotional material, updates and news directly to your clients, and reach them wherever they are. 



Mobile applications have many advantages compared to other digital platforms.


  • Augmented reality: images are projected onto a mobile screen using the camera. This creates a life-like and interactive experience. 
  • Maps: can be used for gaming, route planning, distance measurement etc.
  • Stickers: usually used in chats, these are emoji-like images that you can customize to generate empathy and create interactions with your users.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): connect your devices and appliances to the internet, and manage them via a mobile app.
  • Payments: you can make charges and complete transactions safely and easily using credit cards, PayPal, etc.
  • Chat: a chat channel within your app makes communicating with your users easier. They can receive customer service, ask questions, make comments, etc. 



Using an app, your customers can download several functionalities in order to navigate it without an internet connection. For an optimal experience, apps should be connected to the internet, especially for tasks such as watching videos, making payments or getting directions. However, many functions can be made available offline, a definite advantage compared to websites.


These are only some of the benefits a mobile app can offer your business. As you have probably already noticed, apps are constantly changing with more and more functions being added and updated continuously. The ability to update and innovate makes investing in an app a smart investment that will stand up to changes in technology and your business needs.

Here at Pixzelle Studio, we are very enthusiastic about what we do. We are looking forward to hearing about your idea, advising you, and building a product that fits your business needs. Contact us to tell us all about your project.

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