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What is a Web-App and how can it improve user experience?


Have you ever noticed that some sites allow you to perform instant operations? They feel like using a native app on your device.

How is this done? This sites are developed as Web-Apps.

A Web-App is a software application made to be able to load and run directly on users’s browsers. In contrast to a common web-site, a web-app contains a programm that runs the instant the user loads the site.

This is all thanks to a collection of modern technology known as “Stack.” At Pixzelle Studio, we like to implement what is known as MEAN Stack, which consists of the following:

- MongoDB: A modern database system that stores information in dynamic schemes rather than charts or tables. This makes designing and maintaining a datavase a lot more intuitive and quick.

- Express: This is a development framework that facilitiates the production of code for communicaing between the database and the applications using it.

- Angular: This is also a development framework. It is used to design the part of the Web-App your users interact with.

- Node: This environemtn allows us to exectue JS code outside of the browser, on the web-app’s server. This is the foundation necessary to make Express and Angular work properly.

We all know what it is like to navigate a common website

The loading speed is unpredictable. Sometimes, we are able to load a page immediately. Others, we have to wait for a site to load for so long, it can be frustrating.

The appearance of sites on screen often changes. We may have used a website on our laptop perfectly, but when we go back to it on a mobile device, the website looks and feel different, and we may not find the pages we are looking for.

This makes accomplishing certain tasks tedious. If we are trying to do something the requires several steps, and we are continuously waiting for the site to load new content, or entire pages, these little delays turn a simple task into a frustrating one.

How can we use Web-Apps to solve these problems?

Loading speed is unpredictable.

The loading speed when clicking between pages becomes practically instantaneous because you can access the pages from pre-loaded code.

The site’s appearance is not suitable for different devices/screens.

At their core, Web-Apps are made to adapt to any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Web-apps adapt to a superior visual experience regardless of your device’s screen size, or operating system.

As long as the device has a web-browser installed, a Web-App is developed to deliver a positive user experience.

Performing several tasks can be tedious.

When you combine the above-mentioned factors: interfaces that adapt to our devices, and instant response, the user experience becomes much better.

This is precisely the key to creating satisfied users. Remember that a content user is more willing to continue using your website. They will shop more, feel more productive on an admin system, and they will share their positive experiences with their friends. This means your feedback and reviews will also be more positive.

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